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New TV Boss may aid enterprises/firms in campaign and product introduction. The all-in-one design embraces all functions. In conjunction with Touch Function (hyper size touch control) feature, there is better interaction between the product under promotion and consumers/customers.
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New TV BOSS: Indoor/Outdoor TV Wall

No Electricity | No Heat | No Static | No Electromagnetic

New TV BOSS is a modern display system with high DPI. It can be used for both projection screen indoors and commercial display outdoors. It consists of pieces of glass monitors, with the largest size of 1.8 meters by 4.3 meters. We can make up sizes based on the space with aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9, and you can order a giant size screen of your own dimensions. With its high DPI feature, images stay fine and stunning with sizable screens, which is fantastic for commercial use and special occasions.

The New TV BOSS can be applied for teachings /corporate presentations and conference / product introduction. Suitable venues are include teaching centers, public places, conference rooms, business shops, showrooms, etc.

The New TV BOSS not only comes in 3 different specifications of 50”/73”/100”, but can also be customized into non-touch super large New TV BOSS screens of any size.

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