About MAXTEK-Go-Go

Maxtek Go-Goltd. is a Taiwanese corporation which provides advanced textile-related products and services.The company was founded in september 2002,a sister company of Ta Lai Sporting Goods Enterprise(a textile industry of health and safety).Ta Lai's strong technical business support thrived MAXTEK GO-GO ltd. to branch out into high-tech textile development such as metallic fiber technology.


The major products for sale are health supplies and related high-tech textiles.These comprehensive products in advanced metal technology are still unique at our current market. We are moving toward improving quality of living standards as our target by developing this technology on a continual basis.


The company uses nickel-chromium alloys such material to weave with any other second material and also use a variety of designs commodity during the production.


Due to upgrading of indstrial technology,the super fine metallic fiber has brought a huge impact on the market.With this super fine metallic fiber, the woven material is able to prevent radiations and provide EMI such as those optical imaging technology.So far, we have already developed many products with thermal condustivity, antistatic, anti-radiation functions and such composite functional technology products.