Perseverance Property, Excellent Quality

All products of Maxtek Go-Go are designed based on care, and oriented to market requirements. To start from care, in designing products, designers have to stand on the view points of consumers, instead of makers as typical cases, and further, technology update simply for profit should be avoided, or providing consumers with non-durable products, which suffer from frequent replacement, should be prohibited. Maxtek Go-Go always stands on the view point of consumers by thinking what indeed are needed by consumers, and what Maxtek Go-Go are doing. In purchase, all consumers desire to buy high quality, cheap, cool, and durable products. Started from care, Maxtek Go-Go focuses on the desire of consumers by combining specially selected materials and unique technologies, making efforts to produce products that can fulfill market requirement.


Based on Environmental Protection, Pursing Excellent Quality    

"Pollution first, governance last" phenomenon is common in industries. In order for gaining profits, many makers ignore environmental protection issues. However, they still have to pay for these issues with much more effort at last. Even more, some losses cannot be recovered and make people distressed. Furthermore, lots of employees engaging in recycling reduce their life by 10 to 20 years due to long term contact with products of hazardous materials. The importance of environment friendly materials and significance of social responsibility of multiple enterprises are thus apparent. I think that scale and ability are only one aspect in assessing success of an enterprise, instead, giving back, caring employees and caring consumers are what of the most importance that the enterprise has to consider after its operation is stable. Behold the principle of people orientation and environmental protection, Maxtek Go-Go would rather select high cost and environment friendly materials than use low cost and environment unfriendly materials in product design. In choosing materials for each product, air pollution, oil pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution have to be considered with respect to hazard to health of human beings. The products of Maxtek Go-Go in the market are certified with environmental protection and quality by many countries typically, and can be used by consumers without worry.


People Orientation, Caring Health

A person ever asked me: "Why do you persist in operating medical products for 20 more years?" This question raised my emotion. Aging is a phenomenon in many countries and regions all over the world currently. In addition to continuous increase of diabetes and cancer patients, I think medical products are very meaningful and also involve caring life and society thoroughly. With rapid aging, more and more families have to invest more and more labors, properties and money to care elders at home. Even more, a sick elder needs 4 people to take care in turn. Not only the patient is painful, but also caregivers are painful. Hence, the medical products provided by Maxtek Go-Go are intended to reduce pressure and burden of family, and also call for government to pay more attention to this field with practical activity in order to prevent a series of problems due to aging in advance.