Product Summary

• Recommended number of users: 2~4
• KTV cinema, studio city vs. golden enjoyment cinema
• Single film vs. massive films: games, animation
• Latest movie vs. offline movie
• Low interaction vs. high interaction
• No privacy vs. high privacy
• Non-gamification vs. gamification
  • Product Content


In recent two years, you could see large studio cities in any trading area of large cities. As time goes by and as society changes, people understand the importance of balance between life and entertainment. Film entertainment industry is one of the industries benefiting from it. With increased people who watch movies, age distribution extends vertically. In addition to traditional studio city, people have started to develop, for example, "drive-in", "KTV cinema", "private theater" etc. Wherein, private theater (or known as MTV) is the most flourished one in the market.

Maxtek Go-Go created OUiGO brand in 2009. Innovation of products is persistent. Also, cinema related products are developed.

Outputs of the entire suite of equipments include:

screen, stereo, 3D equipment, sofas, projector, decoration material, design scheme.

Special interior materials:

1 Clean, 2 Easy to maintain, 3 dust free, 4 odd free, 5 fire resistant, 6 anti-mite.

Features of private theater

In comparison, traditional cinema has to update internal facilities regularly every 5 years. Private theater does not need frequent update. It concentrates on flexibility, free time, and freedom of film selection. 

Private space 

Modern people require more personalization and privacy. Particularly, young groups are more active in pursuing difference and private space. A private, independent space would be their first choice. Private theater meets such condition with a space decorated specially, an environment isolated from external interference (the interference may come from couples discussing drama, crying children, office workers taking phone call arbitrarily beside you).

Free time

This is the greatest advantage of private theater. There is no need to follow the schedule as traditional studio city. Customers may see the movie according to their own schedule.

Display on demand

You may have ever gone to a theater happily, but discovered that the movie you want to see has been removed. Alternatively, those classics cannot be found. Private theater has massive films. Customers may select the film desired to watch according to preference by means of rich resources, regardless of removed movies or unpopular films.

Professional equipment

Many personal home theater sets are sold in the market. However, they cannot reach desired effect. Performance power of the apparatus itself is a reason, while another reason is in that users do not have ability for professional calibration. Private theater has more professional apparatus, and there are specialists for stereo/image calibration. Optimization of apparatus is included.



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