CimaKing 4K-Manual Frame Screen

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There are two advantages, including softness as plasma TV and contrast as LCD TV. The screen is exquisite, the color is rich, and there is capability for correspondence to high-definition 3D development. PVC or synthetic fiber is not used, nor has reflective substance to be sprayed onto surface. The process meets environmental protection, so that there is not safety issue when use absolutely.
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OUiGO FullHD CimaKing/CimaQueen-FullHD sound transmission screen

The ultimate charming of Cinema reproduction.

The Cima King true flat high tension screen is the only choice of serious players. Not only does it provide players with the highest standard in high texture home theater, but also restores the true original 2.35:1 movies specifications, thereby bringing out the full visual beauty of Full HD and Blue-ray picture quality.

Cima King allows designers to unleash their creativity by blending them into the partitions or turning them into slide doors. Clever use of Cima King can bring out the same stunning picture quality features regardless if it is projected from the front or rear, giving the possibility of flexible use of space, and completely retaining the movie maker’s original concept.

Product Specifications:

PRIME AV Magazine

This picture seems even cleaner and more refreshing. Besides its brightness, I feel OUiGO is sharp, and due to its sharpness, I feel there is more detailed in the image. If you come closer to the screen, a few objects that we often see becomes more delicate and outline looks more refined than usual.

High Audio Magazine

Shows the true strength of your home projector! After a long-term trial, we found out that no matter whether the projector uses DLP, LCD or LCoS, when used along with this screen, it doesn’t produce the frequently seen Moire wrinkles. The surface is completely smooth, so that the image looks coherent, while the images are even more vivid and expressing the essence of high-quality video.


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