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New TV MIX is a projection display specially designed for teaching or presentation without plug, heating, electrostatics and electromagnetic wave.
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New TV MIX: The Best Presentation Support

No Electricity | No Heat | No Static | No Electromagnetic

New TV MIX is specially designed for presentation purpose. The subtle image and saturated color are provided from our exclusive high-tech materials and manufacture. The innovative design of one piece makes the screen easily mobile and space saving. Unlike conventional screens, rear projection with New TV MIX gives the presenter a better and easier condition. Another unique feature of New TV MIX is that with the interactive program and software, you can use water soluble marker, your fingers, or electronic pens to write on the screen. This is something not just any screen is capable of.

PRIME AV Magazine
he New TV Mix is a great implement especially designed for teachings and corporate presentations. This is another one of MAXTEK GO-GO’s key optoelectronic products. This projector allows rear projection at close distances. Conventional front projection systems will make the instructor’s eyes feel uncomfortable or block out the projected image. These defects have been totally resolved. New TV Mix’s one piece design allows for easily mobile, space-saving, and comes with remote infrared touch components. You can use a water-based makers or your own fingers to write directly on the screen and get real time access or display of your data. This is not something you can do by the conventional presentations. While using, it’s no electricity, no heat emission, no static electricity and no electromagnetic radiation. It can be used for 3D visual screen.



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