ViVi Crystal Screen

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With the most advanced "semiconductor fiber" material technology, the exquisite level of images could be improved to get richer colors. There is no constraint to image quality upgrade. Both 2K and 4K resolutions are supported. No plug is necessary, and no electromagnetic wave will be generated. No LED blue ray will be produced, so that your eyes would be protected well.
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VIVI Crystal Screen, the projection energy-saving screen, adopts the semiconductor fibers, a kind of the most advanced material technology products. It increases the color saturation and enriches the graphic performance. Moreover, the multi-layer structure of screen enhances the three-dimensional appearance. In addition, the image quality will not be influenced by the light in the room and be verisimilitude as those in movie theaters.

Enjoy Excellent A / V Experience on Great Screen

The 100-inch screen is quadruple than those of general TVs. Quadruple touched experience is similar to those in movie theaters. Game players will enjoy more verisimilitude scenarios.

Keep Eyes Comfortable on Cutting-Edge Fibers

VIVI Crystal Screen is the one of kind special high-technology material as semiconductor- fiber-based, to attract redundant lights of videos. No dazzling reflection keeps eyes comfortable.Neither tiredness nor eye strain for watching TV shows all day.

Upgrade Graphic Performance Seamlessly

Do you still hesitate to replace your HDTV by a main-stream 4K TV because there may be better specification of products after 2 ~ 3 years?

Colorful Crystal Screen consist 20 thousand semiconductor fibers to compose more than ten million crystals lattices. Its resolution is far higher than those of current main-stream TVs. In the future, it is the projector that need to be upgraded instead of replacing the whole set.


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