Vivi Crystal Elevating Cart

Product Summary

.Projection display
.4K UHD resolution compatible
.Giant size with 100”screen 16:9
.Semiconductor Fiber material technology
.Eco-friendly & Biodegradable material
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4K UHD resolution and excellent color performance
High mobility and flexibility for optimal viewing solution
Projection Application of digital signage, commercial AV, exhibition display

Projection Solid Screen
.Projection display
.4K UHD resolution compatible
.Extreme detail, depth, and color performance
.Giant size with 100”screen ( 16:9 )
.Semiconductor Fiber material technology
.12mm Abrasion-Resistant tempered glass
.Eco-friendly & Biodegradable materials


Cart ( Model K / T )
.Electric tilt & lift function
.Mobility by casters
.Remote controlled
.90kg Maximum weight support

What is “Semiconductor Fiber” material technology ?
A 100” projection solid screen consists of 20,000 Semiconductor Fibers which compose more than 10 million crystal lattices. The multi-layer structure of the screen enhances the three-dimensional appearance and the exquisiteness of every pixel. The material also improves the color saturation/enrichment of the graphic and the reduction of redundant light for eye protection. These optical traits create the best viewing experience for users.