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An authentic TV should challenge everyone's eyes, have good 4K, 2K frames, has no limit to view angle, protect eyes in addition to energy saving and environmental protection, and has a size of 100 inches.
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Traditional LED / LCD VS. New TV Screen

Traditional LED / LCD Product Status

  1. Traditional TV have updated continuously from HD, Full HD (2x1K) to UHD (4K x 2K) which need to cost a lot of money. The production process will cause various pollutions and definitely lose the environmental awareness as well.
  2. Whether to repair or replace appliance that will cost more price of a new product or have no product to be replaced.
  3. Human eyeball aborts the best color in a dark place such as in a theater, but yet traditional TV adopts extreme bright light to install in the back TV which leads the color to lack of fidelity.
  4. When watching traditional TV in a dark place, ciliary muscle will cause painful and this will bring cataract or related eye problem.
  5. Extreme bright light causes eye pain.
  6. LED light bulb’s life lasts longer, but the life of traditional TV which made of LED light bulbs lasts short. Accordingly, this knowledge misleads the consumers.
  7. Viewing angle is limited. Cannot provide the real color in different angle.
  8. Large size of TV in current market is from 85” to even the larger one as 110”. Moreover, the price of 110” TV costs third to fifth folds of 85” TV.
  9. Electromagnetic wave causes cataract and conjunctivitis, and the blue light radiation will cause macular degeneration.


New TV Product Status

  1. No-plug/no heat generated/ antistatic/ no electromagnetic wave.
  2. 100% Full HD, or 4K x 2K resolution graphics which will depend on the video.
  3. Warranty under 10 years with reasonable price such as 1/10 price of conventional LCD TV.
  4. NO color adjustment need, unified picture and no chromatic aberration.
  5. Good color and keep eyes comfortable.
  6. With 12mm abrasion resistant hard glass. Thus, as long as the screen doesn’t split, the display can last permanently.
  7. Designed to avoid air pollution, water pollution, oil pollution and noise pollution. The best for environmental protection.
  8. Projector will be the only installation instead of those cables installed for traditional TV.
  9. Simple material. Once the New TV decomposes, the product will leave only glass and metallic fibers without any pollution concerns.
  10. Energy-saving screen Standard:


11. OUiGO New Tv Screen model:

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