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Simplicity and high speed are its design concepts, so that large-sized panel could be spliced by a single person. Cost with respect to technical clerk is reduced. Assemblage may be accomplished quickly by everyone. The work can be done by a single person for sizes from 100 inches to 1000 inches.
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Traditional Video Wall  VS.OUiGO Ez-Merge-25 Video Wall

Traditional Video Wall Product Status

1.  Traditional splice display which cannot supply seamless splicing video wall, and also requires a high power consumption, static electricity and electromagnetic waves releasing. 
2.  Formwork support needed within at least 30cm to 50cm width. (Overtime work and more labor cost)
3.  Each display has to connect to each other by using multichannel software and equipment. ( Overtime work and more labor cost)
4.  When assemble a display, the color adjustment has to be made. If the date of manufacture goes different, the color adjustment becomes more difficult to make. They need professionals to operate adjustment. (Overtime work and more labor cost.)
5.  The main issue is that conventional video wall use VGA or DVI output to hook up a video wall only which cannot give a better resolution to 4K X 2K as HDMI can do.
6.  Whether to repair or replace appliance that will cost more price of a new product or have no product to be replaced.
7.  Indoor use only.
8.  Cannot clean with water. Last about three years only. Doesn’t conform to the concept of environmental protection. Great amount recycling industries created and this causes cancer villages in China.


 Ez-Merge-25 Video Wall Produt Status

1.   Single piece within size 25”, width 1.2cm, weight 7 kilogram. Able to install with a person only for size 50” to 1000” of screen.
2.   100% Full HD, or 4K X2 K resolution which will depend on the video.
3.   No color adjustment need, unified pictures and no chromatic aberration.
4.   Used in both indoor and outdoor. No weather concerns in outdoor. Rich color presents and clear color contrast.
5.   As long as the display doesn’t split, the display can last permanently.
6.   Easy to move and able to make geometric figure with any design
7.   No plug, no static electricity and no electromagnetic waves. Promote environmental protection and energy saving. Lead future up on EZ-Merge-25 trend.
8.   EZ-Merge-25 designed to avoid air pollution, water pollution, oil pollution and noise pollution. Once the video wall decomposes, the product will leave only glass and metallic fibers without any pollution concerns. The best for environmental protection.
9.   Projector solves all problems.
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