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OUiGO CimaSofa is essential to enjoyment at home. The back of the sofa could be extended at an angle of 160 degrees. It is equipped with beverage self cooling capability and individual tray table. Cloth made of "superfine metallic fiber", a material used for aerospace technique, is used on the surface of the OUiGO CimaSofa. It is characterized of 5 major properties, including abrasion proof, temperature reservation, flame resistance, being antistatic and anti-mite.
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CimaSofa is design for personal home entraining purpose. Its unique touch-function console can chose out of more than 10 positions, according to your wishes and needs.

Strong Germen motor could generate 10, 000 times motion which make CimaSofa performance better and life expectance is 20% longer than other products in the market. Build-n drink-cooling pad and snack table are serving delightful experience

OUiGO CimaSofa cover layers are made from Super Fine Metallic Fibers textile. This technology gave the fabrics abilities of Abrasion resistance, fire-resistance, Anti-static, Thermostatic Anti- home dust mite. These properties prevent pet scratching, fire spreading and easily to clear and surface stay same temperature with human body while you sit in comfort and enjoying yourself.


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