Ultra Clear Screen Does Not Consume Power - One of Highlights in KE Show

  The resolution of the 120-inch projection television may reach ultra HD without consuming any power. Without wiring, a phone could be charged automatically once a mobile power is touched.……Yesterday morning, the annual Kunshan Electronics & Electrical Equipment Show was opened in Huaqiao International Expo Centre, Kunshan. In the show, the latest, most fashionable consumer electronic products related to daily life of general people were presented consecutively, and allowed live audiences to feel surprised with respect to life from modern technologies.


Quality of Projection Television is Ultra Clear without Consuming Any Power

   It is like a piece of general glass, but becomes a TV screen once it is projected by a projector to display ultra HD TV programs. In the consumer electronics zone in pavilion A, Taiwan Maxtek Go-Go Technology Co., Ltd. presented the latest developed projection television for visitors. "Compared to home panel TVs, the greatest advantage of the projection television is in that its screen does not consume any power, and the entire consumption is reduced significantly in comparison to the projector, so that it is very environment friendly." Ming-Lai Wu, the business director of the company told the reporter that a projection panel is similar to a projection screen, which displays frames through irradiation by a projector, but solves the issues of poor clearness of projection curtain and short lifetime. "Although its clearness reaches ultra HD, but the price is only one tenth of the price of panel TV under the same size. " said Ming-Lai Wu.


  The reporter found that the company also introduced its major 16:9 100/120-inch hyper-large projection televisions. "The projection television inherits advantageous strong extensibility of projection screen, enabling families to own hyper-large screen TV, and allowing citizens to enjoy multimedia at home as in a cinema. " said Ming-Lai Wu.