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Ming-Lai Wu, the General Manager of OUiGO, Discusses Trend of Large TV

  Display is a very competing industry. Hung capital and strong technology are necessary to support sustainment. Among multiple makers, OUiGO led by Ming-Lai Wu, the general manager, is a very special brand, which creates applications of large size display and achieves pretty excellent result by using high tech projection frame fabric screen in conjunction with frontal projection, rear projection techniques. However, this does be a different road in comparison with other makers. What is Wu's real vision? What is his expected future? In this term, we interview with general manager Wu to talk about the "Trend of Large TV" he regards.



Creating  Product Which Is Environment Friendly,Burden Free for Environment

 GM Wu expresses that there are three core concepts for "future large TV" he regards, including environmental protection, large size and permanent use. At first, let us talk about environmental protection. Display makers have competed with each other for long time, such that TV has become the most environment unfriendly product on the Earth. To drive consumption, makers promote new technologies or new specifications every year, such that TVs are replaced quickly. For consumers who pursue new products or new technologies, TVs may be replaced within one or two years, such that TVs are produced massively and thus induce lots of waste.


  Technical evolution results in waste, so does production/manufacturing. In order for cost down, TV makers may not use the best materials on products, such that the lifetime of TVs is short today. Issues start to emerge within at most 3 to 5 years. Even for consumers who do not pursue new technologies, there is still TV replacement issue as time is up.


  Additionally, traditional TVs contain lots of mercury, lead and plastic, which are substances resulting in contaminants that cannot be dissolved naturally. Thus, not only consumers suffer from ineffective investment, but also environment is contaminated. In recent years, the pollution issue of TVs becomes severer due to two conditions. The first issue is related to China, which has lots of TV replacement requirements, such that China has become the largest country with respect to TV replacement, and lots of heavy metals and carcinogen due to TV scraping contaminate environment every year. The second issue is marketing of "fair price + large size TV" in recent years, which increases waste and pollution due to TVs. 


  GM Wu expresses that he desires to create an environment friendly and pollution free display, which size can be above 100-inch, and which does not result in pollutants, such as heavy metals, mercury and lead etc. such that there is no hazard to environment. Moreover, the application flexibility is larger compared to traditional TVs. It is capable of frontal projection/rear projection. The same suite of equipments can be used at home, in exhibition or for teaching. This is the first idea of GM Wu for future large TV.

People Always Desire Large Size


People Always Desire Large Size

  Let us talk about the second concept: large size. GM Wu expresses that human beings are always pursuing screen size. Larger size may come with visual- shocking-impact, so that large size is the future for TVs definitely.

  Large size does not always indicate high pollution or high price. OUiGO intends to provide large size enjoyment without pollution but with low price. GM Wu tells us that the OUiGO large TV he plans contains an 100-inch screen, high lumen projector, 5.1 sound channel - Sound Bar, and BD player. The price of the full suite is only around 299,000. In comparison to many 100-inch above Japanese/Korean TVs, which prices are above one million, the plan of OUiGO is relatively fair. 


Health, Convenience, Permanent Use for Consumers

  The third concept is: permanent use. In order for long term use by consumers, one product must be healthy, convenient, so that consumers are willing to use it. However, traditional TVs violate such requirements due to many conditions. For health, medical information shows that the number of modern people suffering from presbyopia increases, and the age of patients suffering from cataract declines, all of which relate to higher brightness and flicker of display device. High brightness and flicker would contract ciliary muscle of eyes for eyes to get fatigue and get hurt in long time. Instead, OUiGO display developed by GM Wu presents images by means of reflection, which will not hurt eyes without burdening health in long time use.


  For convenience, traditional TVs have large volume and weight. The popular large size TVs, which may be 60/80 inch, emerging in recent years are not easy to use, and transportation/installation is difficult, and the space available for use is limited. Instead, the OUiGO TV planned by GM Wu is large size, but the use is not difficult. OUiGO TV may be employed in any environment, and support both frontal projection and rear projection. It may be used both at home or commercially. Even more, the projection screen may be designed as a partition wall, both sides of which may be projected. It is a simple partition in power off state. The display device does not occupy space at all. It will not damage decoration or interfere with daily life, either.


Exhibition, Teaching and Promotion of Philosophy

  From description of GM Wu, it is understood that human requirement, together with environmental protection, will be the trend for development of future large TV, instead of standing on the view point of makers to update technology without further consideration, or providing consumers impractical/environment unfriendly products.