Maxtek Go-Go Shows Leadership in Projection Television

Taiwan's technology companies take the opportunity to show their leading techniques in CES ASIA, wherein Maxtek Go-Go, which supplies projection television, is one of the examples.  The company shows the largest 150-inch and 140-inch projection televisions, attempting to change existing habit of people in watching TV. It proves that there is a third option in addition to OLED TV and LCD TV. 


  Maxtek Go-Go expresses that there are many shortages in traditional OLED and LCD TVs.  For example, these technologies simply continue the increase of screen resolution from HD to FHD, and even to current UHD, all of which need very high cost, and result in a variety of pollutions during production, and thus have impact on environment. Moreover, the charge of maintenance or replacement is higher than that of buying a new product.  Furthermore, human eyes can absorb the optimal colors in dark places only, such as theater. However, traditional TVs reduce fidelity of colors due to over strong light from back light plate.


  Maxtek Go-Go expresses that the use of projection television brings many advantages. At first, no plug is necessary for its screen, such that heat, statics and electromagnetic wave will not be generated. Secondly, projection television generates 100% FHD or 4K definition according to the source of film. Finally, the warranty fee within 10 years is relatively reasonable compared to traditional TVs.


  However, indoor/outdoor brightness and opacity is the biggest problem for projection television, but it may be solved by means of special or additional residential lighting. Additionally, no color adjustment is necessary, frames are consistent, and there is no chromatic aberration for projection television. The company believes that 2015 would be the first year of projection television and the concept of people for TVs will be changed.