In the China Information Technology Expo held in Shenzhen, OUiGO Projection created by Maxtek Go-Go Taiwan shows a 140-inch projection panel, which is the largest projection panel worldwide, and becomes the biggest lighlight in this China Information Technology Expo. 

China News Service reports that the third China Information Technology Expo (CITE), which is the unique nationwide expo platform for new generation information technology industry in China, and the largest electronic/IT integrated expo in Asia, has opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center few days ago.


  This time, "Smart New Generation, Digital New Life" is theme of the exhibition. With an area over 100 thousand square meters,more than 1,600 companies take part in the exhibition. Highlights include mobile smart terminal, smart car region, software and network region, robot, 3D print, touch display control, industrial networking region, compass application, wearable product, and makers etc. At the same time, 40 more topics and nearly 100 conferences are held. Key releases will include more than 2000 new products/technologies.


  Ming-Lai Wu, business director of OUiGO Display Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., indicates that the projection panel of Maxtek Go-Go Taiwan is only about one twentieth of the price of other same-sized-LCD products.The light cost-performance ratio makes OUiGO more and more popular in the market.


  Ming-Lai Wu discloses that OUiGO projection panel is advantageous of fashion & simplicity, supporting HD 4K quality, high cost-performance ratio, uniform color without chromatic aberration, even & soft brightness, long lifetime and attrition-resistance, 12mm enhanced material, and green environment friendly material etc. Currently, OUiGO provides two mainstream specifications, 16:9 and 21:9, wherein the standing size for 16:9 ratio includes 100-inch and 120 inch, while the standing size for 21:9 ratio includes 100 inch.


  In addition, compared to TV, the projection screen may support larger display area. In comparison with larege size_FPD TV, OUiGO products are superior in price. For example, the price for commercially available 100-inch LCD TV is 950,000 CNY now, but the price for the projection panel of the same size  is pretty attractive. Thus, the equipment is popular in many casinos, clubs and hotels in China.